At the SEPTA OIG, our auditors, compliance officers, and law enforcement officers are dedicated to safety and public transportation. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment with people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. Consider joining us as we continue towards our goal of maintaining independent oversight of SEPTA.

Qualified Professionals and Recent College Graduates

We are always looking for strong resumes from qualified professionals and recent college graduates with exemplary academic success.

Internships and Co-Op Programs

The OIG also embraces college, law school, and police candidate internships and co-op programs. These programs provide valuable experience and can lead to future job opportunities within the OIG.

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If you are interested in a career at the OIG, we want to hear from you. Even if we do not have a current vacancy, please contact us and send your resume to [email protected]. Let's chat!


OIG Inspectors are typically former federal agents with significant experience investigating fraud, tax, money laundering, theft, bribery, bid-rigging, and embezzlement matters. Inspectors investigate both criminal and administrative matters, interview witnesses, issue subpoenas, obtain and analyze business records, draft and participate in search warrants, and write final reports of investigation. 

Attorney Investigator

The Attorney Investigator is a former prosecutor who investigates criminal and administrative matters, including all kinds of fraud, corruption, and workplace violence.  The Attorney Investigator conducts interviews, issues subpoenas, drafts search warrants, obtains and analyzes records, and writes final reports of investigation. Also, the Attorney Investigator drafts legal memoranda and advises on legal matters. 


OIG Detectives are sworn law enforcement officers who investigate workplace violence, criminal offenses, and wrongful conduct involving SEPTA employees, contractors, and vendors. Detectives interview witnesses, subjects, and victims, conduct undercover surveillance, review documents, issue subpoenas, and obtain relevant evidence.  Detectives draft affidavits of probable cause to submit to the prosecutorial authorities, and execute arrests and search warrants, when appropriate. Detectives write both administrative and criminal reports of investigation. 

Contract Auditor

The Contract Auditor prepares audit programs and conducts audits, on a periodic basis, for all cost-plus fixed fees contracts pertaining to Architecture & Engineering, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations. The Contract Auditor determines whether billed costs are reasonable, allowable, and allocable. At the conclusion of the audit, the Contract Auditor prepares a final report presenting the results of their work. The Contract Auditor will also prepare pre-contract analysis in accordance with federal guidelines and participate in resolution of any discrepancies.

Information Technology (IT) Auditor

The IT Auditor applies knowledge of Information Security Frameworks and Best Practices while reviewing SEPTA’s Information Technology and Operational Technology networks, applications, cloud-based software, and cybersecurity risks. The IT Auditor will evaluate whether new systems and applications contain sufficient design controls as preventative measures to support business resiliency and prevent loss. The IT Auditor supports SEPTA in improving its data security and hardening IT infrastructure.

Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor conducts independent appraisals, or performance audits, of SEPTA’s financial and operational systems and programs. Specifically, the Internal Auditor determines the adequacy of internal controls and whether resources are being efficiently used and are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Internal Auditor is familiar with and applies the Government Auditing Standards (GAS). The Internal Auditor participates in all phases of the audit – engagement letter, entrance and exit conferences, background research, testing, fieldwork, and interviews. The Internal Auditor drafts a final Audit Report to management containing detailed  recommendations.

Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer ensures that SEPTA is complying with relevant state and federal regulations, participates in monitoring SEPTA’s Procurement Card program, and conducts reviews of various procurements, supply chain management, and finance matters.

Programmer Analyst

The Programmer Analyst assists auditors and investigators in the OIG by extracting and formatting data from the various mainframe and client-server information systems used throughout the Authority. The Programmer Analyst interfaces with the IT Department to gain an understanding of the data and maintains an Internal Audit Application Documentation Library.

Co-Op Student / Summer Intern

The OIG enthusiastically welcomes Co-Op students all year round, as well as summer college, law school, or police cadet interns. The student intern will have the opportunity to work closely with the OIG auditors, compliance officers, and/or investigators.  We can tailor your experience to your preferences and skill sets. OIG student interns have conducted field audits, given PowerPoint presentations, prepared work papers, interviewed witnesses, participated in undercover surveillance, drafted audit and investigative reports, and participated in the everyday work of the OIG. We value our student interns and strive to provide them with a full and meaningful experience. 

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