The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, better known as “SEPTA,” exists to serve the people of Greater Philadelphia. Our extensive train, bus, subway, and trolley networks span over 2,200 square miles, providing hundreds of thousands of customers with safe and sustainable transportation every day. We at the Office of Inspector General (OIG) are here to ensure that SEPTA acts in your best interest, that SEPTA responsibly stewards its public funds, and that our 10,000 employees, vendors, and contractors provide honest services.


The OIG is firmly committed to its core mission to root out fraud, waste, and abuse throughout SEPTA. Our team of dedicated investigators, auditors and compliance officers identify systemic vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, and probe criminal and administrative misconduct and workplace violence by employees, contractors, and vendors. We strive to make thoughtful recommendations to improve processes and to direct SEPTA stakeholders and management to implement corrective actions. At times, we refer criminal matters to prosecutorial agencies and the OIG may jointly investigate a case with the local District Attorney’s Office, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, or the United States Attorney’s Office.


The OIG is also committed to an increased level of transparency and accountability. We plan to publish on this webpage our audit and investigative reports, and to share other news and efforts of the OIG. When the OIG makes recommendations to improve practices, we will track the implementation of those corrective actions for the public to view on this webpage.


We hope to strengthen the trust of the ridership and of the public. Our mission cannot succeed without you. SEPTA employees and riders, and other members of the public, are our most valuable source of information. If you see or experience misconduct, fraud, waste, or abuse, we want to hear from you. We are available to receive your tips, complaints, and feedback, in a confidential manner.


I am proud of the hard work and dedication the OIG staff demonstrates every day to improve the services provided by SEPTA.

Denise S. Wolf, Esq.
Inspector General